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Learn More about our Strategies, our Skill Sets and our Systems

  • Borrowings & Trade Finance

  • Investments & Loans

  • Forex & Derivatives

  • Finance & Cash Management

Our expertise lies in developing smart and innovative solutions in any, or all, of four operational areas in TRM. Using a specially developed proprietary platform we deliver intuitive analytics, seamless business processes and advanced risk management thus transforming finance and treasury management for our customers.


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Borrowings & Trade Finance


  • Bank Debt

  • Market Debt

  • LCs, International trade & Supply Chain finance

  • Others


Areas covered: 

Bank Loans, Debentures & Bonds, CP, CC, Working Capital, Non-Fund Based LC/BG, Supply Chain Finance, Buyers Credit / Packing Credit (India) and Usance / UPAS LCs (international market), LC discounting and off-balance sheet finance


Deliverable Outcomes:

  • WA Interest Cost, Repayment Planning, FX Valuation

  • Limit Management, Ratings Management, RBI Compliance

  • BENPOS Integration / CP Documentation

  • Accounting Integration, Integration with Cash Flow Planning

  • Report Bank with 50+ Reports

  • Maturity tracking/roll-overs, Fee calculation, Covenant Management

Borrowings & Trade Finance
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Investments & Loans


  • Deposits

  • Mutual Funds

  • Bonds & Securities

  • Equity Pref Shares


Areas covered: 

Fixed Deposits, Inter-corporate Deposits, Mutual Funds (Overnight / Liquid, Long-duration, Fixed Maturity), Corporate Bonds, Govt Securities, T-Bills, Non-Convertible Debentures (NCD), Zero Coupon Bonds, Commercial Paper, Market Repo (CROMS), TREPS (CBLO) Lending, Equity & Preference Shares


Deliverable Outcomes:

  • Security set-up, Deal creation and monitoring for various types of Investments and Securities – covering the entire Investment lifecycle

  • Daily/Monthly MTM Valuation – via integration with FS DataBridge

  • Analytical and Dashboard reports to monitor investment performance / ROI

  • Accounting Integration, Integration with Cash Flow Planning

  • Income-tax reporting on Capital Gains / parallel valuation

  • Report Bank with 50+ Reports

Investments & Loans
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Forex 2_edited_edited.png

Forex & Derivatives


  • FX & Options trading, including enhancements for high-volume ops

  • Put-Call Options (with various strategies), NDOs, NDFs, Swaps etc

  • FX Loans / ECBs, FX Bonds, Interest Rate/ Cross-currency Swaps

  • Hedge Management & Accounting


Areas covered:

Various types of FX blotters, FO-MO-BO operations, all market instruments, all types of derivative & hedging instruments covering interest rate risk, currency risk, price risk etc


Deliverable Outcomes:

  • Entire deal lifecycle covering FX deals as well as vanilla and complex derivatives

  • Effective Monitoring, Risk Management, Limits and segregation of duties

  • Compliance with Hedge Management & Accounting standards

  • Valuation, MTM and straight-through accounting

  • Multiple reports to manage & hedge exposures, using market instruments

FX & Derivatives

Finance &
Cash Management


  • Financial Accounting & Controlling (FICO)

  • Regulatory & MIS Reporting

  • Cash Flow Planning, Forecasting & Reporting

  • Bank Connectivity, Host-to-Host Integration etc


Areas covered:

  • Financial accounting & reporting, tax compliance, Regulatory & MIS Reporting, Liquidity Planning, Cash Flow forecasting and monitoring, integration with Banking partners


Deliverable Outcomes:

  • Baseline FICO system in SAP with all standard accounting & reporting functionality

  • Indirect Tax (VAT/GST) and Direct tax (WHT, TDS) compliance

  • MIS Reporting covering Cost & Profitability planning and reporting

  • Effective management of cash flows for Short term (1-7 days), Medium term (7-90 days) and Long term (90-365 days) Cash Planning & Forecasting 

  • Liquidity management solutions integrated with Treasury Investments (for surpluses) and Borrowings (for CC/WCDL draw-downs)  

  • Enterprise-wide cash visibility with Bank Balance reports across banks, locations or enterprises

  • Improved operational efficiency including Host2Host, Payment Batching and Signatory Authorizations

Finance & Cash Management


Our approach and methodology built upon ‘platform based solutions’ ensures that the most important business processes, solutions, and services are first set-up on a flexible, robust, and scalable basis, to allow our customers to quickly reap benefits from deployment of our solutions.


This platform can then be enhanced and new add-ons and solutions deployed over time as per changes in market / regulatory requirements, or as per  requirements of our customers.


Engagements are largely driven by ‘solution architects’ and ‘centres of excellence’, ably supported by a ‘COE Delivery Matrix’ that has put together some of the most complex and largest deployments of solutions and services, in the world of SAP Financials, Treasury and Risk Management.

Implementation and Support follows the SIGNAL ONE methodology.


Platform Based Approach

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Asset 20_2400x_edited.png









& Trade Finance

Investments & Loans

Forex &

Finance & Cash Management

Set-up base functionality-

prioritized requirements in

Phase 1; start using the platform

bite only what you can chew

Build & grow the platform

addressing new business

requirements & converting

expenditure into a valuable

asset over time





Set-up with a 3-5 year

horizon: build scalability 

robustness, responsiveness


Fourth Signal executes projects through a time-bound and phase-wise deployment on a base platform with rich in-built functionalities, and frameworks for add-ons and enhancements, while incorporating all industry-focused standards, and best in-class business practices.


Phase 1: Design

  • Walk-through of solution for various business processes on the system

  • Identification of Delta customer-specific changes and enhancements 

  • Elimination of paper-based discussions – see your solution on your Dev server

  • Business Blueprint finalisation & sign-off

Phase 2: Build 

  • Finalise UAT Plan, Master Data & Market Data as per BBP  

  • Technical development – customer specific reports & interfaces

  • Conduct UAT workshops - includes system training for core team and key users

  • UAT finalization & sign-off

Phase 3: Deploy

  • Move finalised solution to Production server 

  • Plan and execute Data migration

  • Set up user Roles & Authorizations

  • Solution readiness check & Go Live 

  • Post go-live Hyper-Care – user handholding and granular system surveillance


Fourth Signal works in a spirit of collaboration with our customers, offering them long-term warranties and multi-year engagements, with unequivocal support in effective and efficient streamlining of business operations / management for Finance and Treasury.

Incident/Defect Management

  • SLA-driven issue resolution & turn-around times (TAT)

  • Troubleshooting / solving functionality issues 

  • Root Cause Analysis and Improvements 

  • Assistance in regulatory compliance and month/year closing

Change Requests - Minor 

  • Configuration and minor enhancements 

  • Master Data set up and reporting

  • Transparent categorization of changes (< 15 man-days)

Change Requests – Major

  • Changes / enhancements in existing application

  • Includes new features & functionality like new products, new reports etc to respond changes in market (external) & business (internal) dynamics

  • Transparent categorization of changes (> 15 man-days)

  • Transparent costing framework for executing changes enabling rapid deployment of new functionality


Data Cloud_edited_edited_edited_edited.j

  • FS NXT

Fourth Signal’s cloud-based web applications,

FS DataBridge and FS NXT, seamlessly integrated with SAP, provide a platform for financial market data aggregation and analytics, including the provision to develop customised applications and fill certain data gaps.


Cloud Based Applications

A market data aggregation & analytical platform fully integrated with SAP Treasury systems
Offers unidirectional data flow – from FS DataBridge to SAP


  • Seamless access to external market data from within the SAP system

  • Wide range of data available, customized to user requirements

  • Basic analytics available in FS DataBridge, customer specific analytics available in our sister-platform FS Nxt

  • Current data sets include a wide range of India-specific data including FX Rates, Interest Rate Benchmarks, MCLR Rates, MF NAVs and underlying Portfolios



  • Flexible & robust reporting & MIS – marrying customer-specific SAP data with Market Data

  • Mutual Fund Analytics – manage risk by evaluating underlying portfolios of MF Debt Schemes (ISIN-wise, with Ratings)

  • MCLR Analytics - all bank rates at a glance, with comparatives for different tenors

  • Seamless MTM – daily (without accounting) and monthly (with accounting)


Cloud Platform fully integrated with SAP Treasury systems, with powerful features & functionalities not available in the standard SAP system
Offers seamless 2-way data flow between SAP & FS NxT – and acts as an extension of your SAP Treasury solution



  • Various customer-specific applications & extensions which are bolted-on to support& enhance core Treasury processes running on SAP

  • Added flexibility in overall solution, leveraging the power of the cloud 

  • Reduced footprint of custom development in your SAP platform – several ready-to-use features available at no additional cost to Fourth Signal customers


Some of our existing Ready-to-use applications are as follows​

  • CC Bank Statement Converter - upload bank statements to directly create CC transaction on SAP

  • CP and NCD documentation – compliance-related forms and letters

  • MF Reporting - Portfolio Reporting and risk management

  • Planning & Forecasting – including projected cost of borrowings, ROI on investments etc customized with customer-specific data sets

  • Portfolio reporting with latest market data – create graphical charts n PDFs as per data given

  • Covenant Management – tracking & monitoring various Financial & non-financial covenants of bank borrowings


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